The Four Pharmacies in Our warehouse

We place orders in several different pharmacies. If you want to place your order in specific pharmacy, please go to their website directly.

Our four pharmacies are located in NY, CA, TX, NJ and other states. You will get all the information after you have successfully ordered and picked up one order. We will send you nesletter about them.

CA, NY, and VISA pharmacies update their tracking system one business day after they received the order information, but the TX pharmacy send us the tracking ID after they shipped the orders.

So you can easily get the NY,CA,Pharm tracking ID but TX pharm is not easy to get.

All Pharmacies associated are licensed to distribute in the states, you can be 100% sure to receive the same quality medication that you get from your local drug store.

All above pharmacies are Authentic Fioricet pharmacies and licensed to distribute fioricet and gabapentin in US licensed pharmacy.

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